Who Qualifies?

Californians and out-of-state participants who confirm reciprocity with California

  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapists

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors

  • Licensed Educational Psychologists.

Awakening Joy offers both 20 and 30 hour CE programs.

20 CE hours cost $80 and 30 CE Hours cost $120 + the Full Price of the Course

In addition to the CE fee paid to Relationships That Work®, all candidates pay the full Awakening Joy course fee. (The "Groups of 3+" rate does not apply.)

Requirements for the 20-Hour CE Program

To enroll, follow Steps 1-3 at the end of this page.

  • Learn the themes and tools of Awakening Joy in ten 2-hour online sessions

  • Achieve a passing grade on the Post-Course Test.

  • Submit the post-course Self-Evaluation form.

Requirements for the 30-Hour CE Program

In partnership with Linda Graham, LMFT, experienced psychotherapist, author and pioneer of clinical and popular interest in the neuroscience of resilience. The 30-hour program is contingent upon enough participants signing up to make a viable consultation group. To enroll, follow Steps 1-3 at the end of this page.

  • Accomplish all of the objectives of the 20-Hour program, listed above.

  • To receive an additional 10 hours, licensed therapists will participate in five two-hour clinical case consultation group sessions with Linda Graham, LMFT. Linda's monthly consultation group will discuss how to use the Awakening Joy themes in therapy practice.

  • Implement James' recommended exercises with clients, as found in the Practice Letter for each of the 10 themes. Document one's experience doing so, as the course progresses, in the Clinical Consult Group Log of Attendance and Clinical Application form.

  • Engage in daily meditation practice.

  • Submit all forms to [email protected]: 1) the Post-Course Test 2) the Self-Evaluation 3) "The Log" (Clinical Consult Group Log of Attendance and Clinical Application).

2024 Schedule for 30-Hour Consultation Group with Linda Graham, LMFT

The group will focus on how to incorporate the Awakening Joy themes and exercises into therapy practice.

Linda Graham, LMFT

30-Hour 2024 Consultation
Group Schedule
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
First session is Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Other sessions are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)

(For privacy reasons, the sessions cannot be recorded)

1.  Feb. 13
2.  Mar. 12
3.  Apr. 09
4.  May 14
5.  Jun. 11